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Congleton Hydro Newsletter November

Congleton Hydro Newsletter November

Clocks Back but Hydro Progress is Forwards!Despite the grotty weather during the period of October, progress made by our site civils contractor CT Construction Ltd has been quite positive although inevitably some slippage has occurred.With the cofferdam in...

Congleton Hydro Project Update – October

Congleton Hydro Project Update – October

Hallelujah!!!!September has been the start of the realisation of the dream. During the past 4-5 years it sometimes seemed like Mission Impossible, well it is now Mission Happening. We have an access trackway from the main road and perhaps to the greatest relief of...

Congleton Hydro Newsletter September

Congleton Hydro Newsletter September

August was one step forward but the other step going nowhere. The cable installation started as planned and is proceeding to schedule with the first 500m laid between the hydro site at Havannah and Eaton Bank Academy. The second 500m is currently in the process of...

Congleton Hydro Newsletter August

Congleton Hydro Newsletter August

July has been a month of hope and anticipation for the Hydro team. In last month’s newsletter, we mentioned that whilst all plans were focused on-site work physically starting during the week of August 3rd, there were two precursor activities outside of...

Congleton Hydro Newsletter July

With all the funding in place and the Hydro generation Scheme on course to be a reality (not just a dream!!), this is the first of a series of newsletters to keep you updated on key aspects of the project and progress towards generating the all-important...

Congleton Hydro Newsletter May

Congleton Hydro Newsletter May

At long last, after four years of planning, designing, calculating, learning, rucks of hard work, despair and euphoria, progressing one step at a time and sometimes backwards Congleton Hydro is set to become a reality. The Community Share Offer closed at...

Congleton Hydro Hits The Headlines!

Congleton Hydro Scheme was front-page news at the Congleton Chronicle this week. Inspired by our March 30th newsletter to investors and potential investors, the "Chron" devoted its front page to expounding on the possible impact of coronavirus on the...

Council Pours Praise on Hydro Scheme

Congleton Hydro Power Project has been hailed for its sustainability by the (Cheshire East) Borough Council".. So states the Congleton Chronicle in its article published on April 3rd. For the full statement CLICK HERE.

Town Hall meeting cancelled due to Coronavirus measures

Like many events, we have had to cancel our planned event at the Town Hall.We'll be holding several Webinars over the next two weeks to explain our scheme and how to invest. Following on from the success of the first and second, we'll be doing it all again...

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