Congleton Hydro


Creating Renewable Energy for Generations to Come

Congleton Hydro Project  will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by producing enough electricity to power the equivalent of 60 homes and will also enable the creation of a Community Benefit Fund for local people.



The installation of Archie, a pivotal point in the project!

£100,000 to be donated to community projects over 20 years

265,000 kWh of carbon-free electricity generation per annum

283,000 tonnes of annual CO2 reduction

£710,000 raised in community shares

Congleton Hydro @ Havannah 

Climate Change

Learn how Congleton Hydro combats climate change and creates a legacy for a future generation.

Renewable Energy

We will reduce CO2 emissions by producing electricity to power the equivalent of 60 homes. Learn more about Hydro Electric Power.

Community Benefit Fund

The project has a projected operating surplus of around £5,000 per year which will be used to fund local community projects.


The hydro installation will consist of a 2.5m diameter, 8m long Archimedes screw driving a 75kW electrical generator.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Dane Valley Community Energy (DVCE) Ltd is a “not for profit mutual society” set up to construct a new hydroelectricity generation project at Havannah Weir, just to the north of Congleton in Cheshire. The Project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by producing enough electricity to power the equivalent of 60 homes and will also enable the creation of a Community Benefit Fund for local people.

Read how a group of committed volunteers has brought the project to life! Visit the about us section.

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Congleton Hydro Newsletter November

Congleton Hydro Newsletter November

A Major Milestone The Volts and Amps are Flowing!  Since the last newsletter, Congleton Hydro has been in continuous generation (apart from a few short shutdowns to facilitate safe working on cladding etc). From about mid-September we have now exported 30MWhrs...

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Join The Congleton Hydro Team! Admin Superstar Needed!

Join The Congleton Hydro Team! Admin Superstar Needed!

Congleton HydroVolunteer role descriptionRole title Documentation ControllerPurpose of the role - Devise and introduce a structured system that will enable the collation, production and maintenance of the historical design and operating documentation for...

Flash Update – Archie Awakes! Congleton Hydro

After some heart-stopping moments (well quite a few actually) we managed to open the inlet channel sluice gate and give Archie some life-giving Vaccination—water from the River Dane! As you can see from the short video clip, Archie quickly responded to his Jab!! and...

Join the Congleton Hydro Team! Volunteer Financial Controller

Join the Congleton Hydro Team! Volunteer Financial Controller

We are looking for someone to join our team to keep detailed records of all income and expenditure, preparation of quarterly VAT returns and preparation of the annual financial report. Recording all receipts and payments to the Society’s bank account in a software...

Run By The Community For The Community!

community benefit fund to support local SUSTAINABILITY projects!

Our Top Priorities

The Congleton Hydro Scheme, as well as generating “Clean Energy” and realising annual funds for Environmentally/Sustainability-based community projects, will also facilitate increased awareness of environmental and sustainability issues by the provision of an accessible Education Resource for local schools, colleges and community groups.


We must act now the climate change emergency is happening, it can feel like an insurmountable problem. Congleton Hydro is proof that a small team of committed volunteers can make a difference.


The legacy of Congleton Hydro will be developed through an education programme. We hope to encourage green champions, it’s only through awareness that we can create lasting change.

Community Fund

Surplus projects from Congleton Hydro will be invested back into the community through grants. Community groups and organisations will be invited to apply, we will benefit the local community in a number range of ways!

£710,000 Raised

Community Share Scheme

Congleton Hydro has been many years in the making, such is the nature of acquiring the land, establishing access to the site, gaining planning permission and producing a business case capable of convincing potential investors to invest £710k – it all takes a lot of time! Understand how we approached the project and ran a successful campaign. 

*Please note share offer is now closed.

As the Town Mayor of Congleton, I am delighted to see this long-awaited project starting to become a reality. Not only will it redirect renewable energy back into the community, but it will be an educational tool for future generations to see how we can harness what is already available to us and transform it into clean energy. 

- Sally-Ann Holland

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DVCE is registered as a Community Benefit Society with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (Registration Number 7142). This legal structure is regulated by the FCA and governed by rules, which can be viewed HERE.