Hydro Hits the Headlines

posted 4 Apr 2020, 03:42 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 4 Apr 2020, 03:45 ]

Our Hydro Scheme was front page news at the Congleton Chronicle this week. Inspired by our March 30th newsletter to investors and potential investors, the "Chron" devoted its front page to expounding on the possible impact of coronavirus on  the scheme's development programme, as well as our current fund raising activities.  In addition to a second article hi-lighting the support we are receiving from the Borough Council, the paper also published a letter of support from as far away as Canada.

Council Pours Praise on Hydro Scheme

posted 3 Apr 2020, 13:13 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 4 Apr 2020, 03:43 ]

"Congleton Hydro Power project has been hailed for its sustainability by the (Cheshire East) Borough Council".. So states the Congleton Chronicle in it's article published on April 3rd. For the full statement Go to

Upcoming Webinars

posted 18 Mar 2020, 13:35 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 26 Mar 2020, 01:04 ]

We'll be holding several Webinars  over the next two weeks to explain our scheme and how to invest. Following on from the success of the first and second, we'll be doing it all again on Monday 30th March at 7.30pm. Join us then using the link provided on the home page.

People who didn't have a chance to participate in the the earlier  webinars can find the presentation slides here free for download. For the latest share offer progress see the home page.

Town Hall meeting cancelled due to Coronavirus measures

posted 14 Mar 2020, 11:04 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 17 Mar 2020, 12:10 ]

Watch this space for announcements on upcoming interactive webinars

What do the Congleton Hydro enthusiasts say about the project?

posted 4 Mar 2020, 13:31 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 4 Mar 2020, 13:33 ]

Last Sunday we had Bob and Paul explaining the key details about Congleton Hydro scheme. See the video below.

Thanks to Boyan and Thomas for recording and editing the video.

Thanks to everyone that came to see us at the Congleton Makers Market. Watch this space for news of our next event

posted 2 Mar 2020, 10:14 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 2 Mar 2020, 10:17 ]

We had plenty of interest from local Congletonians over the weekend. Unfortunately the weather turned brutal at lunchtime and we were forced to abandon ship. around lunch time. So if you missed us this time look out for news of another drop in session in the near furture

Come and See us at the Congleton Makers Market

posted 23 Feb 2020, 01:47 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 26 Feb 2020, 03:44 ]

A big thank you for everyone that stopped by to see us at our recent Drop-in-Session at the Tesco store in Congleton. There'll be another opportunity to catch us at the Old Saw Mill in Congleton on Tuesday 22nd between 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and again at the at the Congleton Makers Market on Saturday 29th of February   .. See you then.

Interview with Fiona Bruce

posted 15 Feb 2020, 03:24 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 25 Feb 2020, 11:04 ]

YouTube Video

Fiona Bruce MP recently met members of the team at the Old Sawmill in Congleton to present them with an Eco Seal of Approval award from the Cong Bear.  Here is a video of the discussions.

Site Preparation Work Begins

posted 15 Feb 2020, 02:56 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 15 Feb 2020, 05:47 ]

During some of the wettest, windiest weather of the winter,
arborists from Dobells Tree Management begin the task of clearing the trees necessary to construct the hydro scheme and protect historic structures

Agreement with the Environment Agency on a new Fish Pass is moving ahead.

posted 13 Feb 2020, 00:59 by Congleton Hydro   [ updated 15 Feb 2020, 04:16 ]

The EA have secured funding and approved a business case for the design of a fish pass at Havannah weir.  A draft agreement is being finalised for the work to be performed through a collaborative partnership with Dane Valley Community Energy.  The technical work will be sub contracted to Derwent Hydro Ltd. The design is scheduled to be complete by March 31st 2020.

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