Commenting on the Planning Application for the Micro-hydro scheme on Havannah Weir:

First go to this websiteaddress:

Secondly click on the link ‘Comment on this application’.

A form will then appear for you to fill in:

Information about you: just your name and address

The application:

• enter the planning application reference 18/5811M if the number is not already there

• enter the address as: Havannah Weir, Havannah Lane

What do you wish to do: will give you choices to choose from, click on your choice.

Your Comments: a free text box to enter the comments you wish to say. For example should you wish to support the application you might say;

This project has been conceived by a community group to generate funds for local causes by re-using an existing weir to produce clean, renewable electricity. It is sympathetically designed and will have minimal impact on local residents, despite saving a considerable amount of CO2 emissions.

I strongly support this project and would urge others to do so too.

Attach a supporting file: attach a file relevant to your comments if you so wish.

What is your interest in the application? A drop down box for you to select your status from typically ‘Member of the public’.