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Project Summary

Congleton Hydro @ Havannah Weir

    What is it?

  • A Micro-Hydro System using the energy produced by the Weir to generate Electrical Power
  • Havannah Weir will enable the generation of approx. 250,000 kilowatt hours per year, enough to sustain about 60 homes
  • Operated and maintained by professionally qualified volunteers
  • Community funded and owned via a Community Share Offering - many similar schemes operating successfully in the UK
  • Income generated by sale of electricity and receipt of OFGEM Feed in Tariff (FITs). FITs scheme is being withdrawn March 31st, 2019. Last opportunity for such a community scheme to be established in Cheshire East
  • Non-profit making. Annual surpluses (planned £5K/year) used to fund community projects
    How does it work?

  • Potential Energy from Weir is related to height and flow
  • Water intake via a pipe from above Weir flows through Archimedes Screw and causes it to rotate. The screw is coupled to an electrical generator and control system
  • Output from electrical generator, approx. 65kW, is transmitted at 400V to users either via grid connection or direct cable
  • Having passed through the turbine, the water is returned to the River. Water loss is zero
  • Sophisticated electronics enable a stable output over a wide range of river flow rates

  • Enables a real reduction in Congleton/Cheshire East’s contribution to CO2 emissions
  • A visible, community owned and operated contribution to the local sustainability programme and targets
  • Realisation of annual operating surpluses (planned £5K) to fund local Community Projects
  • Helps preserve the structure of Havannah Weir (Grade 2 listed) which is currently falling into disrepair
  • In partnership with Eaton Bank Academy and local primary schools will provide a sustainable educational programme relating to Science & Engineering, Environment and Sustainability, Aquatics and Bio-diversity, Business Management and so on
  • Volunteering benefits such as mental and physical gains, increased confidence, meeting new people, being part of a community and learning new skills